Best Russian Dating Apps (A Russian Woman’s Confession)

I’m a Russian woman – 33 years old, tall, slim, blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts and long legs. I look like one of those typical Russian models that you see in magazines. But to be honest with you, my hook-up days are over because I’m not in my 20s anymore. Having said that, I still have some good news for you: I played the field for many years and I played HARD. That’s why I know Russian dating apps extremely well and can share my understanding and experience with you now.

No. 1 Brilic

Brilic dating app is my current favorite app because I met my current boyfriend here. Our engagement party is next week, so soon we’ll get married. The reason I highly recommend Brilic is because I found my true love on this app. It is indeed the best Russian dating app I’ve ever seen. Also, it’s 100% free, so I think it’s really perfect. By the way, my boyfriend is Australian, so I would say Brilic dating app is also an international dating app. I know many western men (including Australian men) want to date Russian women because western women are fat, entitled and can’t take criticism well. (That’s not what I said; that’s what my boyfriend told me. Sorry if you find it offensive.)

No. 2 Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is another wonderful Russian dating app that I tried. I used this app to find meaningful relationships rather than casual hook-ups. I have to say that men that I met onAnastasia Date dating app were pretty good because they were respectful, polite and kind. The only problem was I didn’t meet any successful men here. I only have two standards when it comes to finding a serious relationship: 1) This guy has to have good manners. 2) This guy has to be rich. I don’t care whether this man is attractive or not & I don’t care how old he is, because if I had a wish list rather than realistic standards, I would keep postponing a relationship from happening.

No. 3 Miss Travel

I joined Miss Travel dating appa few years ago when I wanted to travel for free. Luckily, I met a very generous man on Miss Travel who paid for my travel costs 100%. We went to New Zealand together. That guy was from London and we kept in touch until I met my current boyfriend who didn’t allow me to talk to my ex-lovers that only hooked up with me. Yes, I hooked up with that rich guy from London when we were in New Zealand. Thanks to Miss Travel, I was able to travel in luxury without paying a cent. I don’t think I’m a gold-digger because I am honest with men at all times.

No. 4 Cougar Dating Life

You didn’t expect me to tell you that I also joined a cougar dating app, did you? Well, long story short – I experienced a period of time when I was extremely horny and only wanted to sleep with hot men. I was aware of the fact that sugar momma dating apps are full of handsome young men who were ready to bang older women. At that time, I was already 30 years old and I met several 18-year-old boys who absolutely adored me. That was good for my ego! Since it wasn’t about finding long-term relationships, I totally enjoyed the fun and the excitement.

No. 5 Tagged

Tagged dating app is another good Russian dating app in my opinion because it has enough members worldwide, including users in Eastern Europe. I loved it because there weren’t many Russian women on this app and I could easily stand out from the crowd. As most women on this app aren’t pretty, I was probably one of the hottest girls of all. So, I got a very sexy man within one week and we had a short-term relationship when he was living in Russia for three months. But it was amazing and I recommend Tagged.


JAUMO dating app is another favorite Russian dating app of mine because there are many western men looking for Russian girls here. These western men are already interested in meeting ladies like me, so the efficiency on JAUMO was seriously perfect. I got a date within three days and we hooked up instantly. I have to admit that intimacy with that hot guy was wonderful, beautiful and marvelous because he was really good at pleasing women in bed. But it was only a hook-up and didn’t mean anything, so it ended pretty quickly and I moved on in time.

No. 7 Elite Singles

I joined Elite Singles when I was considered to be an elite Russian lady. At that time, I was younger, hotter and single! So, of course, I became a member of Elite Singles dating app. I could see that most men on Elite Singles dating app are very well-educated, sophisticated and elegant. I met several men through that app and they were great. I wouldn’t say those men were someone that I’d like to marry because they were kind of boring and weren’t rich enough. I only want to marry a rich manand I’m not interested in meeting men who actually belong to the middle class but they consider themselves as the elite of the society. They just turned me off.

No. 8 Lovely

Lovely dating app is a reasonable dating app in Russia because it has a reasonable database here. You can meet various Russian stunnersin record time if you join Lovely. It is said that Russian beauties on Lovely are pretty, sweet and lovely. So, you’ll surely meet someone suitable here. The only concern is you probably have to be careful because you never know whether those girls’ dating profiles are real or not because there can be some spammers and scammers who pose as legitimate daters looking for love online.

No. 9 Mint

Mint dating app is a high-quality dating app in Russia because the quality of its users is quite high. It is reported that Russian ladieson Mint dating app are those who have good jobs and went to university. So, if you are looking for a Russian wife who knows how to teach kids, Mint is probably a good place to get started. However, if you are looking for a Russian chick just to get laid, maybe it’s not the ideal platform for you now. In that case, you should definitely check out Secret Desire dating app which is listed below.

No. 10 Secret Desire

Secret Desire dating app is another Russian dating app that introduce hot Russian women to curious men. Russian girls on this app are already looking for casual hook-ups online, so they are doing all the hard work for you without you trying. Therefore, I’d say this is a very powerful hookup app in Russia. When you visit Russia, you would be well-advised to download Secret Desire and hook up with women in Russia immediately. Life is short; make every day count! Don’t postpone your happiness; pursue your excitement now. If not now, when?!

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