Hooking up Russian women online: top secrets and pitfalls

Russian hookup girls in big industrial cities

Thousands of western men are interested in Russian women as future wives, because of their traditional values. But they are too beautiful and sexy not to desire them as lovers!

Dating advice about hook-ups in Russia is different from the marriage advice. One has to search in other places and use other strategies for getting a Russian girl for sex.

Let’s start our guidance from the fact that women from big cities are rarely a wife material, not only because of constant partying, but also because of high materialistic demands.

But some of them are perfect for casual sex. Of course, you need the ways to bypass their financial expectations and bitchy metropolitan attitude, but these hookup tricks below will help.

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·      Buying them drinks. It works only if a girl is alone or with one female friend, and the initiative comes from you. Otherwise her company will trick you back for free drinks.

·      Complimenting their looks. Try to choose the most province-looking girl in the club, catch her naive smile, and compliment her in Russian. Add a drink and she’s yours.

·      Showing them money. That’s a rude method but some spoiled girls get excited when they see your wallet full of cash. Of course, there is a risk they’ll try to rob you.

·      Inviting them to your cool car. Rent a good car for the whole time of your visit, and you’ll increase your chances for quick sex next to the nightclubs in million times.

·      Giving them shivers while dancing with them. If a girl is already in a right mood and there’s no muscled local bodyguard around, she’ll react well on your exciting touches.  

·      Kissing their hand and getting them a rose. Flowers are available in many clubs and restaurants. Use this trick only if she seems to be a classy and refined businesswoman.

Every big city in Russia has its own specific, and tourists need to be aware of that. Moscow is a very expensive city and somewhat criminal too, so use extra safety measures.

It really helps to use Russian hookup apps prior to meeting anyone, since it gives you a better guarantee another side wants the same. Otherwise, Moscow pickup is a bit too hectic and uncertain.

Saint-Petersburg suits much better for hook-ups as women there are less ambitious and just like to drink. They know how to do that, so do not try to compete with them, you’ll lose.

comparison with Russian girls

So just accompany them and make sure they have a good time, the moment will come when they are too tired to party or walk and talk so they’ll fall into your arms.

It would be fair to admit that Saint-Petersburg ladies are less bright and glamorous than Moscow chicks but they are much more down-to-earth and easily reachable.

Let’s not forget other big cities in Russia with decent nightclubs such as Yekaterinburg and Sochi. But one should avoid very northern cities as boring and conservative ones.


Russian hookup girls in small provincial towns

A skilled pickup specialists never give up even if they have to apply their skills in some distanced regions. But don’t travel too far, it’s enough to try out the towns in Moscow oblast.

Dmitrov, Kolomna, Sergiev Posad, Mozhaysk, Mytischi and especially Korolyov are very picturesque and pleasant to visit, plus the girls there are super curious about foreigners.

Just never go to Liubertsy which is a criminal town number one, or Khimki which is simply boring. Google the towns around Moscow, there are dozens of beautiful ones.

Hooking up in Russian towns has its own nuances too. There are several categories of women and some are very promising for you. We’ll briefly describe them here.

·       Young girls who study in Moscow. They still spend their summer time in their home town and dream about a prince charming who would show them a different lifestyle.

·       Women who travel to Moscow for work daily. They see a qualitative life every day but they cannot have it. A foreign admirer is like the flame of hope for them.

·       Women who work in the town and rarely leave. They may have too many local men around them but their biggest desire is to diversify the routine and get adventurous.

As you can see, there are literally no women in small Russian cities who wouldn’t be interested in casual sex with a foreigner, especially if accompanied with a nice souvenir.

On one hand, there are more eyes around her so she might be reserved and secretive, but on another hand, her local admirers are either always drunk or disinterested so she’s always free.

In small cities, using hookup apps doesn’t help much, it’s better to go directly to the disco or make compliments to women waiters, sellers, park walkers and joggers.

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Although MILF pickup is widely practiced and recommended in big cities worldwide, it is too risky in small places so we do not encourage you to try it in Russia either.


Online hooking up Russian women

Russian girls are completely into phone applications and online dating, it’s at least a half or their day routine. You have all the chances for meeting them online.

Luckily, there are not only marital apps like AnastasiaDate and Brilic available in the market, but also purely hookup apps such as HUD, Flirt Chart, or Pure.

They normally have the automatic translation option but it’s helpful to know several Russian sentences about a girl’s beauty or your desires and intentions.

You should at least be able to say I want you, in Russian! It works pretty well. Just make sure a girl wants sex only, not a sponsorship or a long-term relationship.

Girls who flirt online for a commercial profit, are very easy to recognize. There are webcam girls who get naughty and try to make you video chat for hours, and escort girls promoting themselves.

The best way is to choose a Russian woman who is obviously too busy for chatting and wants things done as soon as possible. She doesn’t need any payment from you and can book a hotel by herself.

Such refined ladies usually speak good English since they learned it for work, and they do enjoy a nice conversation in between your intimate sessions. It’s very convenient, and safe!

If you aren’t sure the girl you chose is of that kind, better analyze all her words and actions in order not to get to the trap. Try to meet on a neutral territory and make sure she didn’t bring a local bad guy.

For sure, all these possible difficulties are nothing in comparison with Russian girls beauty and their sexual talents. Not to mention how many natural blondes are among them!

Russian girls

Other men’s experience shows that Russian women don’t have any problem with discussing your common plans online. They are frank and self-confident enough for knowing what they want.

However, only young modern office workers prefer to go straight to the point. All the others need at least brief elements of gallant courtship, especially older women of intelligent professions.

And of course, you cannot avoid extra efforts when you try to hookup with a Russian model. They know their worth and have huge ambitions, connected with finances and travelling.

The best way to hookup with them is meeting them directly at the nightclub or bringing them to the most luxurious hotel in their city. It’s costly, but you’ll get your super memorable night.