Types of Russian women you are likely to meet on Facebook

Facebook is the most dangerous place to meet Russians girl. There is the potential on falling for a common scammer who wants to extort money from you.  These fraudsters learn new tricks by the second and are always ahead of you. You may be thinking you are dating a Russian girl only to find out it’s a catfish guy from across the street. Let’s look at toxic Russian women you may encounter on Facebook and why you shouldn’t get around them.


There is nothing she loves about Russia. She really wants to migrate asap.  She dislikes Russia and Russians in general. Her motive to date a foreigner is so that she can live abroad, she rarely cares about that relationship. If possible she could slave for her husband if that would guarantee her a one way ticket out of Russia!

The money lover

She is very dangerous, she is out to mint money out of you; her agenda doesn’t revolve about establishing a long lasting relationship.  She yearns to get regular allowance to form her husband.  she derives pleasure from leaching on potential men.  There extreme cases where some of these women would solicit for air plane tickets from their potential husband. They would stress on the need to purchase the ticket themselves. Once they get a check of thousands of dollar, they disappear never to be heard again. 

Russian blonde

A blonde is young pretty 17-20 year old woman. she will fall in love with a man’s ambience of success around him.  She then gets used to indulging in all her needs being met and what she wants.  These pretty gals would get cheated on by their husband. And because of this, she wills most likely want to leave Russia at all cost. She wouldn’t want to be seen by their closest friends and girlfriends.
Damn you, if you come professing love for her and she gets an escape route out of her shame.  You may get married but that will never amount to a serious loving relation because you were a ‘rebound love’. 

Where to get a husband?

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