Why I married a Russian bride

My wife is Russian and I don’t regret every bit of marring her and bringing her to United States. What thrills me is we have cute two babies with Russian blood. My family is the source of joy. I love this international romance without borders. Sometimes the family enjoys meals made of fusions of Russian and American recipes.  Some people may objectify and malign Russian women but that’s their loss.
Here as my reasons as to why Russian women are the best.
1.  They are family oriented.  Unlike most American women, they value marriage and children.  Order at home and the welfare of the family is their main priority. They ensure that everyone is okay in the family. They honor families a, relatives and traditions.  Thus are mature to handle challenges of the family life. They value family more than a desk job.
2. If there people who aren’t afraid to flaunt their femininity, it’s got to be Russian women.  And they know how to use it.  American men prefer Russian women because their counterparts are too busy with their careers to tend to their natural feminine charms.  The Russian know they are endowed with assets and utilize them to the fullest.  They won’t be found wearing those boring office suits. The Russian women will go out of her way to please her man. 
3. Russian women are undeniably the most gorgeous women. On a scale of 0 to 10 they are extremely beautiful (above 7).  These beaus are the world famous for looks. They go at all length to remain pretty. It doesn’t matter the time and money, they have mastered the art of looking flawless every time. They look very gorgeous in stilettos or ballerina flat shoes.  They are always willing to help their man choose clothes to match their pretty outfit