Your Top-3 Russian mail order brides apps that won’t disappoint you

The importance of using legitimate Russian dating platforms

Guidance in online dating is always needed, since no one wants to waste his time corresponding with fraudulent personalities or wrong people.

Although there are thousands of success stories about Russian brides and girlfriends found through the apps and sites, some negative cases happen too and it’s important to watch out.

Very often, single Russian women aren’t guilty in those cases, but the owners of dating platforms are. So it’s better to listen to dating experts and use only trustworthy sources.

When first Russian dating sites appeared a quarter of century ago, no one actually expected Eastern European brides to become a number one product in the dating market. But it happened!

After the imprisoning within USSR where travelling abroad considered to be a crime, and a long period of post-Soviet depression, single Russian women were impatient to see the world.

No matter how hard the communist regime is criticized, it always creates a lot of ideals in people’s minds. All Russian girls were in a keen need of price charming.

Dreaming of very new and very exotic things for them such as Disneyland and Niagara Falls, they were ready to forgive any flaws and misbehaviour to western men.

There was nearly no fraud at that time because the majority of Russian and Ukrainian women were sincerely interested in international dating and eventual marriage.

Just think about that: for over 25 years, the first Russian – American wives have raised adult daughters as beautiful as themselves! And this young generation already lives in the west.

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For sure, today we are having a new wave and another stage of Eastern European online dating which differs a lot from the first one. Something got worse and something got better since.

One good thing is that everything is very transparent today thanks to the newest Internet technologies and social networks. Non-sincere women can be easily revealed.

For example, Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies regularly monitor their female customers on all possible social networks and quickly find out if they have local boyfriends.

Such girls, who claim they are still single just for getting a profit, are immediately banned and removed from the database, but they should also pay certain penalties and apologize.

Preventive measures can be done by the man himself, as well. He can insist on video chats instead of texting only, for seeing the woman’s face and its sincere expression.

All modern Russian women including poor ones, can afford a simple smartphone nowadays with various messengers in it. So it’s easy to exchange contacts online and monitor them there as well.

For instance, if they are constantly busy in late evenings and through the weekends, it can mean they have a local relationship and cannot devote their time to a foreign mate.

Another example is that some Ukrainian girls claim they are from the war zone, and ask for a financial help, while you can easily check them out on FB and see they’re from a safe region.

All these things were impossible decades ago, so we should take the maximum from the technical progress if we want to be secure and happy. However, that’s not all.

It makes sense to put such efforts on trustworthy Russian dating apps only. Otherwise, all these smart ways and strategies will be in vain especially if the dating service isn’t free.


The list of the most recommended Russian apps

There are plenty of Russian dating apps nowadays, plus Russian women often use famous international platforms having a basic knowledge of English.

Some of those platforms are purely commercial and remind a virtual game where no one wins except for the owners. Other platforms are genuine and even a bit naive.

A few of them are very qualitative and bring amazing results. We gathered the names of such apps for you strongly believing that international dating has a big and brilliant future.

No. 3 app. AnastasiaDate

Most probably, you have already tried this platform or at least heard about it. It is one of the first Russian dating giants and it still remains among the leaders.

A huge database of verified girls, wide range of services, and a well-developed chain of local agencies in the most popular cities and countries are among its pros.

The high price and commercializing of the girls like products for sale are among the cons though. However, all male users admit the highest quality of the girls and their availability.

No. 2 app. Badoo

Badoo is used by all Russian and Ukrainian girls even married ones so be careful. Some want to meet a partner ASAP with its help and others just want to be rated high.

Many have this app on their devices by default, like another game or social network. In any case, they use it for curiosity so indicate from the beginning you’re there for serious reasons.

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No. 1 app. Brilic

Here comes a surprise because the app is comparatively new and it was focused on Asian dating on the beginning. But its popularity skyrocketed quickly among Russian and Ukrainian women.

Some of them find it innovative and trendy enough to give it a try, others think it’s good for sugar dating since men have to pay for using it and prove their financial stability.

In any case, Eastern European beauties are actively installing it and there are already thousands, soon millions of them. Very promising for each single westerner!


How to detect whether Russian girl online is a wife material

Although Russian and Ukrainian women are still old-fashioned in a good way and quite traditionalistic, not all of them are a wife material. It would be a pity to waste your time in vain.

Luckily, there are proven ways to test a girl online before you even meet her in real. A good opportunity for those who aren’t in the mood to buy tickets and then leave with empty hands!

So, one of the amusing yet effective ways to test a girl is selfiemeter. It doesn’t mean that you need to measure a girl’s parameters on her selfie. Analyze her addiction to selfies instead.

No-selfie type of girls

You’ll be surprised but not all Russian women are westernized enough for loving selfies and likes. Some are still old-fashioned and adore hand-made stuff, knitting, and bottling veggies.

They never make selfies. But hey! We do not force you to date someone who resembles your granny in her best years. No-selfie girls still shave everything you want them to shave, and practice Kamasutra.

So don’t be afraid and choose this type of girls as they are definitely a wife material, even more than you expect. They’ll make you a new scarf and fulfil all your desires in a bed.

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Medium level of selfie-shness

If she makes selfies once in a while, but her soul isn’t lost completely and there are still plenty of classical photos in her profile and correspondence, you can marry her.

Frequent selfies only mean she is happy about her new smartphone and wants to be social, that’s all. She can still make you a Christmas scarf and do striptease.

One hundred percent selfish

Do not marry girls whose profile, correspondence, and all social networks consist of endless selfies. It would be a mistake. You shouldn’t have left the US for finding such a Russian.

If she draws Instagram brows, wears Instagram eyelashes, and models all her bras on the Instagram, it’s very wrong to even sleep with her. It’s the most skin-deep Bimbo one could meet.

You can be sure that she has several phones, one for local guys, second one for guys from abroad, and third one for escort services or stuff like that. So do not even bother to be in her list.

Now you know how to use selfiemeter and date Russian girls safely. Does it mean we’ll soon hear the wedding bells ringing somewhere close to your house? Let us know!